Black Friday Preview/Presale!

Black Friday is here!

Black Friday Deals-2

Black Friday IWIA-2

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! I am so excited–in my 5 years in Arbonne, we have not had such an amazing Black Friday sale! Whether you are looking for holiday gift ideas or want some things of your own, here’s the lowdown: 

  • NEW limited edition Blackberry Fizz Sticks and Chai protein powder–vegan, gluten free, and only while supplies last!
  • An incredible Ultimate Ultra deal, which contains Genius Ultra with two free gifts and free shipping. This is a $397 value for only $121.60!
  • An I Want It All bundle that includes the new products as well as the Ultimate Ultra package–savings of over $400!!
  • Additionally, ALL of these Black Friday sales will be going into a Mystery Host workshop–1 lucky winner will get to redeem all of the host rewards in this workshop!

I will be taking pre-orders so I can get these in ASAP on Thursday evening at 11pm when Arbonne releases them. These items will sell out!

Email me at with what you want and how you would like to pay. I accept all major credit cards as well as Paypal, Facebook, Venmo, and Square. Once you have sent me that info, I can get your invoice ready. If you prefer to shop yourself, you can always do so at starting at 11pm Thursday evening! 

I am so grateful for you and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


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Wellness Center Update

Hello, everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted. I had to take a medical leave, but I am back in good health and back to work!

I wanted to post an update about the wellness center idea. I applied for a fellowship last fall, which would have paid for me to work on this project full time. Unfortunately, I did not get moved to the next round. Especially after my recent illness, I feel that this is  not the right time to be pursuing this project. I would still LOVE to do this, but just not right now.

So, until the timing is right, what can Happy Avocado bring to you? I’ll continue to discuss overall wellness, nutrition, events in the Des Moines area, and even helpful household hacks. Thank you for following along!

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