DIY Magnets for Organization, Fridge Art, & More!

Back in my art kid days and before I was old enough to go into bars, the prime hangout spot was downtown at Java Joes, outside on the sidewalk. For fun and a little cash, I would make magnets from my photography and necklaces. I’d carry them around in a magnetic lunch box and sell them to whoever was hanging out outside the coffee shop. Always the entrepreneur!

My latest project has been to start a large calendar for our family. I don’t like the messiness of dry erase or the tediousness of writing everything in for each day–especially if events repeat, like work or daycare. So I thought–magnets! I had a hard time finding cute ones online that fit my needs, so I made my own.

Before: Pretty messy.

DIY magnets are super easy to make, relatively inexpensive, and can be used for a variety of things! Other ideas that come to mind are making your own photos magnets, a chore chart for your child, or simply customized magnets for fridge/file cabinet/locker decoration.

This project can be completed with three to four items. These can be found in local office supply stores, around your home, or online.


You will need:

Adhesive business card magnets (I prefer these because they are already flat and easy to manage, where the rolls of adhesive magnets tend to be curvy and not as strong).

Whatever you want to make magnetic: in this instance I used stickers from my planner and decorative paper, but you could also use notecards, fortune cookie fortunes, photos…whatever you want!

Scissors–they don’t need to be super nice.

Optional: Self adhesive laminating paper for an extra coat of protection

Step 1: Place your stickers, paper, or whatever onto the sticky side of the magnet.



Step 2: Cut a sheet of self laminating paper to size, peel off the backing, and smooth over the magnet.



Step 3: Cut out.


Done! Now instead of writing things out each month, or erasing and rewriting changed appointments, I can simply move things around as needed.

So, here is our calendar after!



It’s not perfect but it’s DONE. And it makes my organizational self happy. This system has worked well for me, and I find I’m updating our calendar quickly each month instead of putting it off for forever.

I also ordered ultra fine dry erase markers in order to keep things neat and easier to read.

If you decide to make some magnets, show some love and post yours in the comments!

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